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                                                        SUSAN PEPPER

Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving. - Madeleine L’Engle


A lifelong lover of stories and poetry in all their forms, Susan has a particular interest in the therapeutic uses of story and poetry. In this approach, stories and poems are used for personal expression, to explore life issues, or as the beginning point for discussion of the world around us.

 Susan has a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy among other academic qualifications. She has worked therapeutically with various groups of people including

  • Young offenders in detention
  • Adults, and their children in a residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation centre,
  • Clients of mental health clients,
  • family violence programs, and
  • aged care settings.


This work can also involve creative writing, drama, sandplay and art making depending on the preferences and needs of the participants.


She has also written non-fiction books for children, as well as professional development material for mental health practitioners.


With many years experience in community services, Susan also has experience developing and delivering workplace training, as well as facilitating planning groups. She brings a wide range of skills and experience to the workshop she plans and runs.



                      Professional development workshops

Working therapeutically and creatively with story

Susan will develop a half-day or full day practical and interactive workshop designed to meet your needs and requirements:


Possible topics include

-          Overview of therapeutic storytelling

-          Learning and practicing telling a story

-          Things to consider when working with specific client group

-          Appropriate literature or literary forms

-          Connecting with clients

-          Planning and structuring a session

-          Creating a story space - Impact of the environment, and things to watch out for

-          Determining project outcomes

-          Planning and designing a specific project


Working with participants

Susan is available to facilitate small groups using storytelling and other creative approaches including writing, with groups of clients for one-off sessions, or regular sessions over longer periods. In these sessions, Susan works with a range of techniques to encourage children, and adults, to be able to tell or create their own stories.