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Matteo presents a dynamic, physical storytelling performance, immediately engaging audiences with his musical skills, use of mime, his voice and humour.  Sometimes described as a genie, a funky pirate or a gypsy, he is a positive male role model, different to what is presented through other media.

 Audiences see the pictures of the story in their imagination - they are living their own creative experience. 

The storytelling inspires people to tell their own stories, write and create artwork, to imitate what they have seen and even practice mime.  Where applicable, Matteo will take the audience on a guided journey with a musical underlay.  Adults also love this and find it very refreshing.

 Storytelling is an interactive sport and in some ways it is the antithesis of the modern, technological society. 

Yet it is fulfilling an essential human communicative need.  It touches something deep within the human psyche which responds just like people did around a fire or stuck in a cave during winter - listening to and imagining along with the story.

 At times Matteo is playing the audience like an instrument and sometimes he is following a set and specific story line, whilst at other times he is improvising. 

Importantly, he quickly sets boundaries for what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour which encourages audience input. 

The warm-hearted and non-humiliating experience allows the audience to speak up, to create characters and voices, and to be witty.


Teachers often notice that the response in their students is quite the opposite from what they would expect.  For example: the quiet child speaks out and the loud child sits and listens in rapt attention. It gratifies teachers to hear Year 6 boys asking for more stories.


Kids say he is cool and often the little ones are laughing before he has said a word!


Matteo will travel to wherever the call to tell stories comes.

Matteo is available for afternoon and evening sessions and weekends.  Please enquire regarding late mornings.



Matteo had a nice rapport with the children. The session was fun and appropriately aimed at our 3 year olds. It was a good length and maintained all levels of interest.  The children said Matteo was “Cool”!  Sue Fullerton,  Tyabb Pre-School

 Age appropriate, interesting and fun. Maria Callegari, Clyde Street Kindergarten

 Matteo keeping the children entranced was excellent.  They thoroughly enjoyed the performance as did the staff. He read the children and their interests beautifully.  Meaghan,  Pentland Child Care & Kindergarten


Brilliant.  Perfect for our children this year.  Our children have really been enjoying rhyming words this term and Matteo comes along and further extends this interest. Debbie Harvey, Tallygaroopna Children’s Centre

 Very Good.  The children enjoyed the session. Kathy Mercer, Lalor Park Primary School

 We thought Matteo was a good storyteller and kept the interest of the girls. Karin Gilbert, Mercy College


It’s so important in these days of technology for children to have a story that’s not on TV or computer. Audience member, Carnegie Library





Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

Parent Seminars and Professional Development



Matteo’s repertoire of traditional stories is re-woven for interactive and participatory telling.

He will work with you to create a special program for a particular event or a chosen theme.

Event co-ordination and creation are Matteo’s specialty.

The Forrest Troll

Clotilda's Magic (a Fairy Godmother Tale)

How Tiger and Monkey Both Escaped (an Anansi tale)

(optional stories, The Old Woman and the Pig, a Drawing version of the Very Hungry Caterpillar) and Guitar, sitting down movement, rhythm and rhyming.

All this is done with Interaction and Humour.

Matteo may adjust the program on the spur of the moment, depending upon the mood and nature of the audience. He will choose from his material the stories he feels will keep his audience interested and excited. But, not too excited.

 PJ nights and Parent nights.

A fun evening of tales told to capture imaginations of both children and adults.


Primary Schools

All Programs      45-60 minutes


The Forrest Troll

Clotildas Magic (a fairy Godmother Tale)

How Tiger and Monkey both escaped (an Anansi tale)

The Ugly Thing (an American Indian tale)

Also there will be guitar music, movement and interaction with the children. Rhythm and rhyming.

Yr 3-6

The Gnome (a Grimm Bros. tale)

Little Tree and the Rattle Snake (a tale from the book, The Education of Little Tree)

Matteo may adjust either of these programs, depending on the mood and the nature of the audience. His aim is to be highly entertaining, educational and interactive without letting the students get out of control.


Secondary Schools

All Year Levels      60 minutes

Matteo will design a program specifically for teacher and Year level requirements.



The world of stories is one of those marvelous never ending things because there are so many old stories, contemporary stories and the unborn stories that are being created as we live each new day.

In workshops, Matteo can share a number of different elements of his craft

- why storytelling is so effective

- why visualization is so important

- the essence of public speaking

- vocal and physical presentation

- story development

- drama exercises



Parent Seminars & Professional Development

* A story performance. Then, an interactive breakdown of the performance, which can be determined by your questions.

 * Exercises to build your own performance strength.

* Vocal warm-ups and physical strength exercises.

 * How to hold an audiences attention with a story.

* What to do when it’s ‘combat performance’.

 * When to be quiet and when to let it rip.

* When it’s good to improvise, and inviting audience interaction.

 * How to use your particular talents to their best effect.

* How to push yourself beyond your current limits.

 * How to create mental imagery and use it.

* How to project the story.

Above is the performance or delivery aspect of the art. You might wish to look at story structure.

Elements of a story, or story creation. Your workshop could actually be directed in whatever way you choose.