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                       About Us
 Cindy-Lee Harper dreamt of a garden full of stories to charm, inspire, entertain and teach. The seeds of The Storytelling Garden were sown. Storytelling is how we frame and contextualise our experiences and the way in which we share the tales of our lives, history and culture. Listening, speaking and memory skills are developed through storytelling. The vision of the Garden as a place for children and adults to enjoy storytelling is fulfilled everyday as Storytellers travel all over Australia and tell tales.

  Tania Tuttleby has been the Bookings Manager for The Storytelling Garden since 1996. Regular clients are familiar with her courtesy calls and her laugh!

Tania took over the running of the Garden from Cindy-Lee in 2004 and continues the friendly, professional and innovative service the Garden offers. You are welcome to call Tania and enquire how storytelling can contribute to your centre or school.

The Storytelling Garden specialises in educational and therapeutic-based storytelling. Storytellers offer a range of programs and themes for children and adults, with Professional Development programs tailored to your requirements.

You can experience the delights of storytelling by booking the wonderful Tellers available through

The Storytelling Garden. Why not contact Tania today?